Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 1-3

We are currently in the middle of a science unit on the properties of water. Our current focus of study is evaporation.

For the current investigation, each group measured 50 ml of water with a syringe and put it in a cup. We placed one cup in the window, one on top of the corner cabinet, one in a desk, and the last cup in one of the cupboards. After 3 days, the groups used a balance to measure the mass of the water in each of the cups from the various locations in the room.

Students observed changes in the amount of water in their cups. Some of the changes were significant; others were minor. This led to a great discussion on the variables of a science experiment. The students learned that temperature, light, and exposure to air are some of the variables that can affect the rate at which water evaporates. We also discussed how human error when conducting an experiment can account for unexpected and unintended differences in outcome.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Tully taught us how to play the ukulele!

"It was harder than I thought. When she played it looked easy. I am looking forward to playing it next time."

"It was much harder than I thought. I thought it was only a small guitar, but it was really hard! I wonder if we are going to learn different notes and more notes to play next time?"


  1. Dear Mr.Pahl,I hope you haveing a good time in seattle!;0) from,patsy

  2. Hi Patsy!

    Seattle was great. It's nice to be back in Bellingham, though. What are you doing this weekend? Do you get to see the horses? Have fun, and I'll see you soon.

    Mr. Pahl


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